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In 1930, DeSaussure Equipment (now dba Maywood Furniture) began its operations, manufacturing tables and other items for the Hospitality Sector (hotels and restaurants). Even at the beginning, the DeSaussure family, in maintaining the highest manufacturing and business practices, was interested in cost savings and using renewable resources, which go hand-in-hand. One of the ways to accomplish this objective has been to produce high quality products which can stand the test of time and not be constantly replaced, even at extremely abusive usage situations. (In fact, tables manufactured and sold to the Original Waldorf Astoria in the 1930's were still in use in the late 1960's!!). Thus, this commitment to quality, although not identified as a 'green' strategy, of using supplies and operations that produce a product with a higher quality and life cycle, has been a part of the Companies' manufacturing strategy since Day One. In addition, striving for cost savings through energy conservation has also been an integral part of the DeSaussure/Maywood Furniture manufacturing ethos.

Over the years, as technology has improved, the Company has continued its focus on quality and adopting both environmentally friendly and renewable product components. Under the Maywood Furniture brand name our customers can expect that this focus will continue as we pursue the combined objectives of profitable manufacturing and utilizing sustainable components wherever possible.

In fact, over the years, Maywood Furniture has made many advances in the manufacturing process and quality of our products. We recognize, and have always recognized, that good manufacturing practices and being environmentally friendly are not incompatible. We will continue the pursuit of both, in our factory and with our suppliers, to achieve the highest quality, most sustainable, products in the marketplace. In other words, being 'green' isn't a detriment to our business practices; it is a cornerstone of our business practices.


Over the past several years, we have purchased new state-of-the-art production equipment and material handling equipment for faster production and less strain on our workers. We are already using environment friendly means of manufacturing in several key areas. For example, approximately eight years ago we started using a powder coating line to paint 100% of our products. We no longer use any solvent-based paints in our factory. Our paint line has a vacuum system that takes in all unused paint that is sprayed back into a storage tank, so there is no waste. All liquids used to clean the metal being painted, e.g., rails, chasses, table trucks, wishbone legs and so forth, are re-cycled as well.

In addition;

  • All machinery that requires a liquid cooling system such as spot welders, band saws, and machinery for maintenance purposes all use closed-loop water-based systems.
  • Any scrap metal left over from manufacturing or maintenance including steel, aluminum, brass, or copper is separated and recycled accordingly.
  • All products that are laminated pass through a cold-press glue press, which is a water based adhesive system that has no formaldehyde or other harmful chemicals.
  • We make our own pallets for shipping, so any wood that is left over from manufacturing our tabletops is recycled here.
  • Every forklift and piece of material handling equipment is powered by electricity, so there is no use of propane gas in our factory.
  • We only use protective packaging material, corrugated boxes, stretch wrap, when absolutely necessary, to ship our products.
  • All of our lights in the factory are energy efficient fixtures.


A primary component of Maywood Furniture's tables is top grade clean faced plywood. Wood products themselves are by definition naturally renewable, and harvested properly will provide a beautiful, light, strong, durable and environmentally safe, end product. Wood products are carbon stores and carbon accounts for 49% of the mass of wood. It requires less energy to produce wood, and wood is the least fossil fuel intensive of any industrial manufacturing component.

Whenever possible, Maywood's suppliers use sustainable trees for its plywood and other lumber needs so as not to damage or degrade the forest's ecosystem. For example, its poplar plywood is 100% sustainable as it is plantation grown specifically for plywood production. Additionally, its birch plywood is produced from mostly sustainable forests, with no clear cutting allowed. This discourages over-foresting and insures greater protection for soils, waterways and wildlife.

Since we manufacture every component to our folding tables, we purchase large amounts of steel, in both coil and tube form. All steel purchased is approximately 20% recycled.

The aluminum molding used for our tops contains about 20% of recycled material.

The majority of our high-pressure laminate is supplied by Wilsonart International. By specifying Wilsonart Laminate as the decorative surface on our products, you may be eligible for LEED points in the following areas:

  • Recycled content (MR Credit 4)
  • Local/Regional Materials (MR Credit 5)
  • Certified Wood (MR Credit 7)

Also, it is important to note that Wilsonart Laminate does not contain urea-formaldehyde resins. For more information, go to

Most of the packaging materials we purchase include recycled material. In fact, the corrugated boxes we use are made of 30% recycled material. The paper rolls we use for packaging include 30-40% recycled paper. The stretch wrap used on the outside of our skids contains about 20% recycled plastic as well. Finally, all Sales and Marketing materials, like our Catalogues and Price Lists, are printed utilizing recycled materials.

In every part of our business suppliers are hearing the call for more energy conservation and higher recycled percentages and are responding.

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