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Products :  Original Series : Oval

Aluminum Flush Black Vinyl Flush Crimped Aluminum

Original Series: Oval

Maywood Furniture is the home of the "Original" folding banquet table.

In 1930 Mr. DeSaussure provided the Waldorf Astoria with their first folding banquet table which later became to be known as the Howe 200 Series, which Maywood manufactured for many years. Only since February 2000 has this "Original" product been available direct from the manufacturer.

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Plywood Tops Clear faced plywood: 5/8" thick, sanded smooth, without voids and patches, sealed on both sides with protective stain. Rectangular table tops are 3/8" thick; all other table tops are 5/8" thick.
High Pressure Laminate Tops Plywood core: 5/8" thick plywood, sanded smooth, without voids and patches. Laminate: .050 thick high pressure laminate on top as well as a .050 thick backer sheet on underside. Any high pressure laminate top over 60" wide must be seamed.
Mayfoam Tops Mayfoam tops are constructed of 5/8" thick plywood, sanded smooth, without voids and patches. Rectangular table tops are 3/8" thick. A 1/16" expanded vinyl sheet is permanently bonded to the top.


Aluminum Flush Edge Molding is secured to the top with 3/8" diameter steel rivets. Available on 3/8" rectangular plywood tops only.
Vinyl Flush Edge Molding is a black flat vinyl T edge. Available on all high pressure laminate tops and all plywood tops with 5/8" thickness.
Crimped Aluminum Edge Molding is high-pressure crimped to the top. Available on all 5/8" plywood tops, all high pressure laminate tops, and all Mayfoam tops.


  • Legs made from 1 1/2" square, 20 gauge steel tubing
  • All metal parts are black powder coated.
  • Chassis is a self-supporting unit welded and riveted throughout and consists of two longitudinal 1 3/4" x 1" x 1/8" rerolled high carbon steel angles.
  • Two (or three, depending on the model) additional steel cross rails where needed.
  • A rectangular stretcher piece, 1 1/2" x 4", is welded between the legs near the top to provide maximum strength and rigidity.
  • Leg assembly secured to the angle iron rails with 1/4" steel rivets.
  • Each of the four legs is individually braced with a 13 gauge steel elbow, riveted at one end to the leg and at the other to the angle iron rail.
  • Each pair of elbow braces is joined by a locking bar, 2 3/4" wide, 16 gauge, to insure they move in unison.
  • An automatic lock insures that the elbow braces lock in the past center position.
  • 30" x 30" and 36" x 36" squares and the 30", 36", 42"and the 48" diameter rounds all have individual single leg folding action
  • Metal caps standard
  • Folded thickness: Rectangular - 2 1/2" Rounds - 2 7/8"

Table Heights

  • Standard: 30"
  • 29" available at no extra charge

    Riser Height

    • Standard: 12"

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